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Search for Job Satisfaction

Are you unsatisfied at your current job? When you start searching for a new job it’s important to think about what elements from your current job you enjoy and which lead to your dissatisfaction. While beginning your new job search, you will benefit from thinking seriously about what elements from your current job made you happy, and which led to your dissatisfaction. Major planning and time goes into determining features of a job that will make you happy. Unfortunately, this important step gets pushed aside in the vicious scramble to find better employment of any kind. In the past you may have had a vague idea of what qualities you want in an employer, but now it’s time to look closer.

What do you value in a job? Identify which tasks you enjoy and look for positions that feature your preferences. If you work well with groups, look for keywords like, team projects. If you need a creative spark, look for a company that searches for resourceful, imaginative candidates. List your top six values, starting with the most important and ending with flexible options. The list should include items including your salary, commute, and time you plan to travel. Decide which is most important to you before an interview, so that when a job offer is made, you will know if you should accept or refuse.

Next, get clear on your preferred working environment and the culture that suits your personality. Are you a social butterfly or an introvert? Are you structured and organized or a bit of a mess? Depending on your answer, you will be more comfortable in certain corporate climates rather than others.

Though it is tempting to consider taking the first job that crosses your path, restrain yourself from communicating that to potential employers. Showing that you are focused on finding any job and not just the right job will be a huge turn off.

Remember, no single job will have everything you ever wanted so keep your priorities focused and flexible.