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Resolutions for your 2015 Job Search

Experts agree, hiring in the first few months of 2015 will boom! Businesses are beginning to create their annual budgets, create upcoming initiatives for the new year, and implementing company goals and objectives. So now is the time to hone you’re job search skills and position yourself to land your dream career!

Resolution 1 —Stay Positive

In any job search, attitude is key. With a positive attitude, confidence, and enthusiasm employers will be able to see that you are both professional and relatable. Assume that the job is already yours and it may be easier for the employer to envision you in the position.

Resolution 2— Be a Go-Getter

Don’t stand by and wait for a job to find you. Go out; network; tape your resume to mailboxes. Do what you can to put your name on employers’ minds. Simply responding to postings and ads will likely disappoint you (and the thousands of others who are responding to the exact same ad).

Resolution 3 — Manage your Time

The most critical way you can spend your time in a job search is networking. You should be spending at least 3/4 of your efforts towards meeting the people that can put you in a position. Personal referrals are the leading cause of employment!

Resolution 4 —Spruce up your Resume

Is your resume easy to scan? Does it look clean and professional? Are your listed skills relevant in your job market? If not, it’s back to the drawing board! Focus on selling key points. Place your most important accomplishments and skills at the top left of your descriptions. Using bullet points draws the reader’s eye and unclutters the entire document. A glance is all the time you’ll get. Make the most of it.

Getting hired is never as easy as it seems. But, setting the right goals and focusing your energy will make the process successful. Resolve to find the career of your dreams. 2015 will be your year!