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Pionear Recruiting Coaches LIFESPAN on Interviewing Skills

CHARLOTTE, NC – Pionear Recruiting, LLC partnered with LIFESPAN to hold a Job Development Workshop to create a place where members of the LIFESPAN community could come and practice their interviewing skills with a member of the Pionear team. The workshop included mock interview sessions, role-playing and the do’s and don’ts of the interview process.

The success of the workshop encouraged Jonathan Gruber, Managing Partner with Pionear Recruiting, to hold a follow-up session. This session provided an opportunity for the individuals of LIFESPAN to practice the interviewing skills previously learned and receive further feedback on their interaction skills.

Recruiters at Pionear have recognized a significant flaw in the unemployment process. Most people apply online so there is no chance for them to practice interacting with another individual. Then, when it comes time to interview or meet with that potential employer, they lack initiative or confidence. The interview process is intimidating. The members at Pionear want their candidates to feel confident and feel like they can get hired. They want to eliminate the possibility of their candidates losing their chance at a position because they performed poorly at the interviewing stage.

The Pionear team expressed their appreciation to each candidate for allowing them the opportunity to support them in their job search. Jonathan and his team truly embraced the opportunity to use their time and talents to help LIFESPAN individuals demonstrate their abilities to succeed in the competitive employment marketplace.

Given the success Pionear had with LIFESPAN, members at Pionear are looking to do another workshop to help others gain confidence and land a job.

In addition to targeted employment searches, Pionear provides clients with insights on salary, economic conditions, strategic staffing, performance reviews, job descriptions and interviewing for a broad range of job classifications. Pionear also provides criminal background checks, credit reports and drug testing on all applicable candidates.

Headquartered in the heart of uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Pionear Recruiting’s growth spans the entire country from New York to Phoenix. Pionear is a strong supporter of local organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the North Carolina Autism Society, Urban Ministries, Toys for Tots, A Big Heart Foundation and Bright Blessings. For more information, call 888-943-5850.