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Our Mission as an Equal Opportunity Employer


Being an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our world – and sequentially the business world – is changing and we will find success in growth and adaptation. Although the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was officially established in 1965 the agency has adjusted throughout the years. EEOC as we know it includes educational programs and technical assistance. These programs are fundamental in furthering and enforcing equal employment practices. However, there is a need for employers to use the EEO mission as a base platform for their own and continue their growth.

The EEO mission is simple – to maintain a workplace without discrimination. An Equal Opportunity Employer stands with that mission by banishing bias or harassment because of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, or genetic information. These employers are also responsible for workplace accommodation and protecting employees from retaliation when a complaint is made.

Pionear is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has learned the importance of operating without bias while simultaneously recognizing the harm of “color blindness.” This term is used to describe the practice of not recognizing anyone’s race which has also been known to be problematic. Ignoring a culture or a person’s experience is missing an opportunity for a more diverse and well-rounded team. Pionear is carrying this mentality to all of those protected by the EEOC.

As employers we recognize the importance of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission especially while the Black Lives Matter movement is widely broadcasted. We see this time as a call to action for our own self-reflection. Pionear does not enforce Anti-Discrimination policies to prevent lawsuit, we enforce these policies because we know that it is the right thing to do.

We reflect on systemic practices that we have seen in our field and recognize the changes that need to be made. Pionear is standing beside our mission to maintain a disruptive culture that challenges the status quo of the staffing industry. We are doing that by promising our employees and applicants a fair opportunity at advancing their career.

We are happy to show our support and encourage others to continue their reflection. Pionear is standing with you as a company, community, and family with open arms.