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How To Stand Out Among Your Colleagues

Within your company, it’s not only important to have internal goals set for yourself in order to climb the corporate ladder, but to be likable and stand out among the rest. Great work isn’t the only thing that can lead you to success. Being nervous to talk to upper management is something to push through. After all, they are just regular people like you and I. It’s important to express your opinion and be noticed. Follow these (5) steps to help put you on the promotional path towards your goals:

  1. Participate – If there is an event of some sort within your company, be the one who raises their hand to help participate. This will show that you are a team player, helpful, and willing to step up in any situation.
  2. Take Initiative – Every company has those tasks that get pushed back to the end of the line or never completed. The bottom line is somebody has to do it, and usually it won’t get done until that person takes the initiative. Even if it’s as small as taking out the trash, or watering the plants, it’s guaranteed that somebody will notice your initiative and appreciate it.
  3. Never Talk Negative About Others – There is nothing uglier than that person who starts gossip or a negative conversation about their co-worker. It doesn’t look good and, most likely, the conversation will spread throughout the company. The last thing you want is your boss or other upper management staff to find out. Work needs to be a place that is just that. Focus on yourself and your goals, instead of what your co-worker did the other day.
  4. Speak Up – Whether you’re in a meeting or out on a business lunch, find the ability within yourself to speak up if you are going through thoughts in your head. It is good for other people to see you’re thinking and can help brainstorm ideas. Your idea, in fact, might be what solves an issue.
  5. Be The First One To Show Up And The Last One To Leave – Being on time is important, but taking that a step further will help your advancement within the company. Colleagues notice those who arrive before them and still have their car parked out when it’s time to leave. If you put in the work now, the success will come later. This shows others that you’re a hard worker, dedicated, have great time management, and care about your work and the company.