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Advanced LinkedIn Techniques

1. Customize your URL

Instead of a complex URL full of random numbers and letters, change this to your name so it’s easy to remember and easier to fit on business cards and in your email signature.
How to do it: Simply head to your profile, click ‘edit’ and on the left, underneath your photo there is your current URL. If you click ‘edit’ next to the URL a new page will open and on the right hand side there is a link to ‘customize your public profile URL’. This will also make you easier to find.

2. Publish work examples

Sharing links and files of original documents to your work experience, shows off your achievements and provides examples of your skills and capabilities.

How to do it: Simply click ‘edit’ and the ‘+’ sign to boost your LinkedIn portfolio

3. SEO your profile

You may already be familiar with Search Engine Optimization, so fill your profile with key words and phrases relating to your industry. Search engines will associate your profile with these key search terms and place your profile higher up in their search results.

4. Make your website links more appealing

You may add links such as your personal blog under ‘edit contact info.’ To make it more appealing and clickable choose ‘other’ under link type. For instance, you can change the link’s text so you can put ‘Check out my personal blog: __.’

5. Create a resume directly from your profile

It’s simple enough to do, but users often miss this feature. Simply click the downward arrow next to ‘edit’ on your profile and choose export to PDF.

6. Have a professional profile picture

Having a great profile picture is easy if you follow a few simple steps. First, unless your are a veterinarian or a child care specialist, refrain from having your pets or children in the photograph. The picture should be professional- save the cute family pictures for a personal site. Second, experts say that photos with white backgrounds get up to 15 percent more attention than other pictures. With a white background, your picture will blend into the page, and make you appear to be part of the site. Finally, smile and look pleasant. These pictures help people determine if they would like to work with you. Don’t scare them off before they get a chance to see how great you are!