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Should you Accept the Job Offer?

You’ve been offered the job. The pay is in your range. Is that the end of your deliberation? It is tempting to jump at the first opportunity you’re given, but that “leap before looking” mentality may cause some problems down the line.

You are, after all, looking for long-term employment and advancement, right? These goals become much more difficult to meet if you are unhappy where you work. Saying yes right away is tempting, but it may be in your best interests to step back and properly analyze a job offer before responding. Here are some prerequisites you must consider:

1. Consider the company’s work-life balance. How will the career change affect your time at home? Hopefully it will improve, but consider what you can live with before taking the leap.

2. Are there opportunities to develop skills? Do they have a mentorship program? Do they pay for additional training? If you don’t see yourself becoming better at what you do, this may not be the place for you.

3. Will your ideas be valued and respected? If management expects you to keep your head down and follow orders, you may want to reconsider the offer.

4. Do you agree with the company’s mission and values? Making sure you fit into the corporate culture is important when choosing a company. Without compatibility, employees who should be happy and productive make their way back to the job market.

Paychecks are important, but shouldn’t be the deciding factor when accepting a job offer. Ask the right questions, do your research, and make sure you’re in an environment that will ensure continued success.