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Marketing Yourself

No one will doubt that preparation is half the battle when you’re searching for a new job. But, if you haven’t looked up from your resume in two days, you’re doing it wrong. The obstacle with relying solely on a resume and cover letter is that your competition likely has nearly identical credentials, and is presenting them in a nearly identical way.

Your new approach: think like a marketer.

The advertising and marketing industries make a living by differentiating products with similar credentials. So, instead of hunching over your cover letter, get creative and design an ad campaign unique to you! Do your research.

Use a variety of mediums to inform your choices.

Following a company on social media, in the news, or with their personal publications like blogs will give you a window into their culture and practices. Learn who they are, what they look for in employees, and how past employees were chosen. You will be surprised how many companies give this information away!

Engage them.

After you’ve sponged up all the information you can find, begin engaging them on their chosen platforms. Making thoughtful comments, and sharing informed ideas will draw their attention. So, when your resume finally lands on someone’s desk- they will recognize your name. The most important considerations when marketing yourself to a company is to be authentic, creative, and unique. These qualities are not only desirable in employees, but distinguish you from other applicants. Remember, the moment you’re swept into a crowd, you’ve lost the opportunity.