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Job Search Survival Skills

The job search process is continually evolving. More competition means you need to find the best way to survive this lengthy process.  Here are a couple tips to help you survive your job search.

Be Organized.

Plan and prepare. Update your resume, personalize your cover letters and revise your LinkedIn profile to have items prepared for when you start applying for jobs. In addition, create a system to keep track of where you apply and for which jobs. This will keep you from applying to the same job twice.


Research is key. Know the companies you would like to work for and your preferred positions. Before sending off your resume and cover letter, and especially before walking into your first interview, research the company. Get in contact with employees in the company and check social media platforms. Know what the company does. Know what makes this company different compared to other companies in its industry. Know what some current challenges are and know some things that the company is doing well. With all this information you’ve gathered, brainstorm ideas on how you could contribute to the company. Employers love your originality!


This might be the most important survival skill. Build relationships with friends and family, let them know you are looking for a job. People you know can often open doors for you. However, just as these connections can open doors, they can close them as well. Make sure you are utilizing the RIGHT relationships.

Monitor your Social Media.

Just as you are doing research on companies, employers are doing research on you. Take time to clean house, and update your privacy settings so that only your friends and followers can see your profile. Don’t let this keep you from getting jobs.

Be Original.

Just because one resume layout, one cover letter story and one interview tactic is better for one person does not mean that it is the best one for you. Take your experiences, personality, preferences and goals and use them to position yourself as a unique applicant. Employers enjoy seeing something new, it’s refreshing.

Searching for a job is long and tedious, but taking the right steps will allow you to avoid some of the stress and frustration that comes with it, making the process a little easier.