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How To Follow Up After a Job Interview

How To Follow Up After a Job Interview

Following up on an interview is a critical part of the job search process. Here are some of the best ways to follow up with the interviewer.

Send an email, not a handwritten note. Letters can get lost in the mail.

Sooner is better than later. Within 48 hours is the recommended time to send a follow up note.

Consider sending a second, more substantial note. It makes sense to send a quick thank you note right after the interview with a promise that you will soon send along a more substantial note.

Focus of the interviewer. In your email make it known you listened to the interviewer’s needs and concerns and that you are prepared to address them.

Talk about how you can add value and solve problems. Your note should be written as if you were a consultant for the company where you want to work.

Even if you blew the interview, do follow up. At the least, you want the hiring manager to become a networking contact.

If you don’t hear back, pick up the phone. Two emails followed by a phone call if you haven’t gotten any response.

Proofread carefully. Ask a friend to proofread your note, and / or slowly read it aloud yourself.

If you’re upset, give yourself time to cool off. If you don’t hear from a potential employer and are feeling angry, don’t try to write an email. Give yourself a day to calm down.