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Five Habits of Successful People

1. Execute small objectives

Instead of letting large projects intimidate you, organize them into smaller goals, that allow you to chip away at the larger objective. Finishing a big task all at once can be daunting, breaking it up into smaller steps will make the difference in success.

2. Stay surrounded with successful people

Don’t underestimate the power of creating a culture of success around yourself. Choosing mentors who are highly-driven and encouraging will help you brainstorm ideas and network with other successful people. Ask for advice and model some of your approaches around theirs.

3. Lead, leader, leadership

Taking Leadership can be risky. You’re assuming control and responsibility for consequences (whether they be successes or failures). If you can summon up the courage to lead, your chance of success grows exponentially.

4. Go for the small wins, not the big landslides

Of course, if you have the opportunity to land a big job or account, go for it! But, lots of small successes will add up over time.

5. Learn from failures

Avoid making excuses for your failures. Accepting responsibility will help you determine the changes you must make to improve. Making mistakes is unavoidable. Instead of letting failures discourage you, turn them into a learning opportunity.