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Contractor of the Month – September

Vidabel V. is a fantastic representative of Pionear Recruiting and the work ethic and attitude we strive to promote and display.

Joining our team just four short months ago, Vidabel has been raising the bar ever since! Originally coming on as a Customer Service Representative for a month and a half contract position with no sign of extension or permanent placement thereafter, Vidabel brought an unmatchable outlook and work ethic to the opportunity. After providing top notch customer service and attitude throughout the short role, Vidabel was offered a long term Project Manager opportunity at the conclusion of her contract. Vidabel is a perfect example of the possibilities contract work can provide depending on the approach and mentality you enter with. Vidable proved that hard work, the right attitude, and a willingness to strive for bigger and better can open up worlds of opportunity! Vidabel Vargas has been awarded the Pionear Recruiting “Contractor of the Month” for the month of September 2014. Congratulations!