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Calming your Interview Nerves

For many, the job interview is the most frightening moment of the application process. It causes outstanding applicants to freeze under pressure. Interviews are important for landing jobs, and maintaining control of your nerves is an important part of the process. So, we’ve come up with some ways to help calm your nerves before and during an interview.

Start out by practicing for your interview. Outline how you are going to answer common interview questions and organize your talking points in a simple and memorable order. Sometimes it even helps to conduct a practice interview. This allows you to get feedback on your answers and how you could improve. In addition, practicing will help you make sure you don’t ramble during your interview, causing you to go off on tangents, making you even more nervous.

Next, plan ahead. Take out your clothes the night before. Gather all your materials pen, paper, and resume the night before. And leave for the interview extra early to avoid any traffic delays. Over prepare and you’ll give yourself time to relax and gather your thoughts before the interview.

Finally, during the interview, pace yourself. Think of the process as a conversation between two people who are trying to get to know one another. Additionally, it is crucial to emulate confidence, enthusiasm and positivity throughout your whole interview.

In the end, remember you’re human and its okay to make mistakes, employers know you aren’t perfect. Remember that there are other jobs out there. So take a deep breath and relax. You’ve got this!