Five Steps to Success

Pionear’s Five Step Process

One meeting with us and you’ll notice the difference immediately. No canned sales pitches, rigid rates or urgency to hand you a stack of unqualified candidates. Instead, you’ll find professionals dedicated to understanding your needs and meeting your expectations with the ideal candidates. We call it our five-step process.

Step One: Listen and Learn.

We take time to learn about you and your company. An excellent skill set does not guarantee a perfect fit. So we not only discuss the skills needed for a job, but consider growth potential, personality preferences, corporate culture and management styles.

Step Two: Get The Word Out.

In recruiting, we use several methods for discovering qualified candidates, including the Internet, social media and networks, newspaper, trade organizations and referrals. We also rely on our customized database of thousands of companies and candidates.

Step Three: Dive into the Pool.

Because we interview such a large number of people every week, we’re able to maintain a deep pool of candidates at all times. Our 30-point interview process quickly identifies accurate placement information and career goals. In addition to candidate skill-testing and reference checks, we can provide criminal background checks, credit reports and drug testing.

Step Four: Finding “The One”.

By understanding your company and its needs, we narrow the field and isolate the top candidates who best meet your criteria. Thus, we not only present top candidates, but we screen candidates who don’t meet your requirements.

Step Five: Closing the Deal.

Once we identify the top candidates, we’ll help manage interview scheduling and participate in meetings if needed. We can also coordinate offers (including counteroffers if applicable), working to find a salary that secures outstanding talent, but still fits your budget.